Monday, January 3, 2011

Boot Camp Day 1

Hey everybody!

I decided that I REALLY need to get organized as one of my New Year's goals as I've recently moved from the bedroom to the dining area! Everything looks NUTS right now! I have a small gated off area (which is perfect) if I didn't have to share it with the garbage can and a couple other things! LOL

So BOOT CAMP... Melanie over at Scrapily Ever After is hosting a 2011 Organizational Boot Camp! I decided that this would be a great way for me to get organized at the BEGINNING of the year instead of putting it off until November! LOL

So... today's goal is to set 3-5 objectives I have for my craft area...

1. I would like have a place for everything. (My cutter and cuttlebug are ALWAYS randomly laying on the floor around my desk and half of my paper scraps end up on the floor too)
2. Get the random things that don't belong in my space out of my space (the garbage can has to stay =( its not an option says my boyfriend!)
3. I want my ribbon organized instead of being thrown in a box.
4. I want more drawers to better sort my papers and some accessories.
5. I would like to have my wood stamps organized on the shelves by type/season.

Now, here are some pictures of my craft area to show you how much work I've got to do!! AHH!!



  1. This looks great compared to what I had going on for Christmas...I unfortunately do not have a room that is dedicated so I have to pull things out use it and put it away....So it makes it difficult to make things and be creative at a whim. We do have an enormous pantry, and I have tried to convince my husband that I want to take it over and make a craft room out of it...kinda crazy.
    I wish you so much luck, and can't wait to see the final product.

  2. your space looks so neat but I hear ya' about wanting a place for everything. good luck during bootcamp

  3. Not too bad, can't wait to see how you organize it

  4. Looks great, the organizational boot camp will be just the motivation you need.

    Good Luck!