Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Discounted Tombo Mono Adhesive Refills

Hey everyone!

I am doing a group order for a couple yahoo groups I belong to for discounted Tombo Mone Adhesive Refills and wanted to offer the savings to my fellow bloggers as well. The info is all below. If you're interested please email me at Court122@gmail.com so I can get you an order total as I'll be placing the order on Nov. 27th so all orders and money must be received by the 26th!

They're $1.67 each with free shipping included. You can order as little or as many as you would like. I can get 24 of them in the $4.95 (U.S.) flate rate box to ship them to you If you order less then I can calculate first class mail postage if you would prefer them sent to you that way.

I'll be placing the order on Nov. 27th so you MUST sign up and pay by Nov 26th. I know this isn't too far away so if you want to send a check or money order as method of payment You'll need to mail ASAP. If you prefer to pay via paypal that's fine as well but due to paypals receiving charges there would be an additional cost. (If you were to order 24 the paypal charge would be $1.30 (U.S.) )

I will have the orders split and turned around the day after they arrive for quick turn around. I need mine to finish Christmas cards so I know how time sensitive this order is for some of us!

Please let me know if you're interested and I'll get your total and my information for payment to you ASAP!

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  1. i sent an email...this is a good deal...not committing but i think i might order